What we stand for

Our Beauty Pageant – Miss Ghana UK, is guided by two fundamental principles – Beauty with brains and Beauty with purpose.

It provides a platform for beautiful,talented and intelligent young women of Ghanaian descent to gain confidence, meet new people, learn public speaking and grow into responsible young adults.

We also use the event to actively promote tourism to Ghana by highlighting rich Ghanaian culture, its friendly people and its historically significant sites.

Through the Miss Ghana UK Beauty Pageant, we empower young women to work at their craft and excel at their gifts; be it sports, science, writing, music, travelling or languages; we give them the tools to enjoy the process of acquiring the skills.

Through the various stages of the pageant, we also mentor participants to be become well rounded self-confident young women with leadership skills and poise – in the nutshell, everything they’ll need to function with excellence as modern women in today’s world.

More importantly, these young women become responsible role models for the youth in the Ghanaian community. Through our foundation – Miss Ghana UK Foundation, our young ladies learn to serve their communities by becoming ambassadors for important social issues such as Mental Health and Youth Violence; where they help raise awareness and volunteer their time to garner donations to help make a difference.

Our pageant produces ambitious, and intelligent women with inner strength and bags of self-esteem who enjoy learning new skills and relish competition, and are ready to face the world regardless of what’s thrown at them.

Miss Ghana UK Beauty Pageant takes place every September, contact us if you want to get involved or download our Application Form here.